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No more proprietary software platforms that make you use their hardware offering. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right data logger or real time reporting device that fits your needs and budget. The cargoSense SaaS offering was built to allow logistics professionals to address the right problem with the right tool. From simple temperature loggers to robust multi-environmental reporting devices, we have your situation covered.


By Toshiba

Provide your operations with a complete and historical record of how goods are handled at the individual box and product level.  Our Black Box technology helps you:

   Measure – Key environmental conditions (temp, shock, humidity, tilt, etc.)
   Collect – Every measurement – in and out of range
   Store – Data permanently in historical context
   Analyze – Calculate product integrity (stability analysis)
   Annotate – Enter comments around events in a cloud based platform
   Share – Push events via email to partners so they can annotate as well
   Act – Identify Root Cause to help your firm remove the issue

From origin to destination, you can quickly identify and remove risks to modify a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and cut costs permanently.

Track temperature, light, humidity, pressure, shock, and tilt with this powerful Bluetooth Low Energy sensor. Its ruggedized IP67 enclosure allows it to handle even the toughest of environments on land, sea or air.

Other Supported Loggers


Berlinger offers a family of products that are designed to validate pharmaceutical cold chain shipments. The Q-tag® family of data loggers continuously monitor temperatures in transit.


Ebro Electronic has specialized in designing and manufacturing top of the range measuring devices such as handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers.


ELPRO is a leading manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions and data loggers for documenting environmental conditions in production facilities, warehouses and the cold chain.


CalAmp is a telematics pioneer leading transformation in the connected vehicle and Industrial Internet of Machines marketplace.


Digi puts proven technology to work to light up networks and launch new products. Machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, managed—and always comes through when you need it most.


Sendum is a leader in package tracking technology whose products are used around the globe to track and ensure the proper care and handling of mobile assets.

NOTE: This is only a sample of the logger manufacturers we currently support.
​Please contact us to learn about our full list of supported loggers.

Need Us to Integrate Your Hardware?

No problem. That is our expertise. We are hardware agnostic – which in simple terms means we focus on integrating all types of sensors so you can access and review the data, insights and alerts from one single software platform. This gives you the power of choice.

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