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We don’t believe changing the colors and words on a software reporting application means you have vertical solutions. At CargoSense, we spend the time to immerse ourselves into each industry to craft a tailored application. When a solution is purpose built, it creates real value for the customer.

Life Sciences

There is probably no other more environmentally sensitive and highly critical product shipped around the world today than that of the Life Sciences industry. From blood products to cancer drugs and everything in between, it is imperative to have complete supply chain oversight to reduce systemic product loss.


In the commoditized world of logistics, the best 3PL’s rely on data to provide the optimal level of product delivery and service quality to differentiate themselves. By harnessing the power of supply chain oversight, 3PL’s can offer customers a premium level of customer support and insight, leading to higher revenues and longer relationships.

Food & Beverage

Fresh means safe. The U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the European Good Distribution Practice (GDP) have specific requirements on how food is to be monitored throughout the supply chain. We are looking at food distribution in a whole new way to ensure you are not only regulatory compliant, but that the sensor and software process is automated and insightful. Complete temperature logs, totally wireless sensors, complete awareness of a product’s temperature history during the shipment, and over the air data uploading via state of the air mobile applications.


To ensure quality, you must have proper oversight. This means having deep insights into the environment and events that occur within each segment of the journey. Each piece of your supply chain (truck, plane, tarmac, train, etc.) has a unique set of challenges when it comes to the environment. Improperly applied Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) by service providers can create repeat product damage and loss over time. CargoSense delivers robust oversight within your supply chain to ensure that your products are transported in an optimal fashion.


In transportation, one of your biggest headaches is freight claims. It’s your word against theirs. Without data and insight of how the cargo was handled during shipment, and proximity location based information of where that cargo was when the event happened, you will most always lose the battle. But with shipment segmentation and monitoring combined with proximity services, a fleet can have the proper oversight and insight to determine a root cause analysis to any claim—efficiently and effectively.

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