Lane Oversight with SENSETRA™

A real-time window into your supply chain

All your shipments
in one place

SENSETRA™ Control Tower brings all your shipments across all lanes into one concise view, providing a complete heads-up-display of your operations.

The main interface is designed to clearly surface shipments with issues, whether they be related to timing or environmental conditions.

Updated in real time
as new data arrives

The SENSETRA™ Platform was built from the ground-up with real-time data pipelines in mind, and Control Tower takes full advantage.

As soon as new data arrives on the platform's data layer, it gets pushed into your open Control Tower view. This happens instantaneously; not within minutes, or even seconds, but with a sub-second delay.

Milestones and Alarms
using location and temperature data

Use our comprehensive GraphQL API or configuration tools to provide additional metadata on your shipping lanes, and extend Control Tower's utility even further.

With information about anticipated milestones along a lane, Control Tower can provide a complete timeline of events, and surface alarms when it appears a shipment has fallen behind schedule

SENSETRA™ Control Tower provides the essential toolset for staying on top of any logistics operation, no matter how complex.

Organizations large and small rely on our SENSETRA™ platform for many mission-critical solutions

Product Integrity

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Achieve end-to-end visibility into the conditions your product experiences while in transit, in your warehouses, or out for delivery. Reduce waste from over-packaging or discarding product by gaining certainty into whether shipments have stayed within tolerances.

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Independent Tracking

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Gain an unparalleled stream of geolocation and environmental data, independent of carriers or 3PLs, right down to the last mile. Sidestep the hastle of browsing carrier websites and calling support hotlines — get the data you need directly to protect your assets and keep your customers satisfied.

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