Level-up your logistics with SENSETRA™

Your logistics oversight and management teams are the unsung heroes of your supply chain. Our SENSETRA™ logistics intelligence platform helps dramatically reduce the time they spend trying to gather status updates on shipments, creating more space to effectively respond to issues and drive better outcomes.

Dive into the details

Experience the most advanced shipment analysis interface on the market today. Easily sweep from a high-level overview down to individual data points to quickly find the information you need on any shipment, in real time.

What’s the plan?

Our flexible "as planned versus as measured" framework is the foundation to all the powerful extended capabilities of the SENSETRA™ logistics intelligence platform. Craft re-usable shipment plans with fully customizable per-milestone constraints on any measurable dimension, like temperature, humidity, or dwell and transit times.

First-class exception management

When things don't go to plan, SENSETRA™ flags the shipment and creates a space for your team to coordinate their response to the issue. No two supply chains are exactly alike, so if our pre-built exception triggers aren't meeting your needs, we're here to build and fine-tune an automated exception management strategy tailored to your operation.

One-click external visibility

With SENSETRA™, key stakeholders on a shipment don't need accounts on the platform to gain valuable visibility. Provide your customers, suppliers, or colleagues instant access to a secure view into any shipment.