Measure your logistics with CargoSense

You can't analyze and control what you don't measure. Fill the gap between your real-world logistics and your supply chain management by sourcing data directly from your freight in real time. We've perfected a range of solutions that will make it simple to incorporate device-based measurement into your operations, no matter what industry you're in.

Scan. Scan. Done.

We know that successful visibility programs hinge on whether warehouse staff can do their part quickly, reliably, and without interruption. Our solutions team will help identify and build the targeted integrations with your TMS or ERP necessary to learn about your shipments and eliminate data entry. In most cases, starting a shipment on our platform is as simple as scanning the device, scanning a shipment identifier, and activating the device.

We've got a device for that.

Our devices for freight produce highly granular and accurate timelines of any freight's journey – on key dimensions such as geolocation, or on environmental readings like temperature, humidity, or light – and can report back while in transit, or dwelling in a warehouse. Whatever industry you're in, we've got a device to meet your challenges in sourcing data.

Get both sides of every shipment's story.

We've run into many cases where shipment data is incomplete without more context from people involved directly with moving the freight, like key process events from the front-office or gate manager at a warehouse, or a truck driver out on the road providing a check-in or reporting a delay. Our patented QR Sensor opens a portal into a shipment for the easy capture of additional information through a browser or our lightweight app.