Product Integrity with SENSETRA™

Gain certainty and reduce costs involved with cold-chain logistics

Gain real-time issue detection
for early intervention

With SENSETRA™ Control Tower and our recommended instrumentation methods, you don't have to wait until a shipment is complete to know if it experienced extreme conditions and is at risk.

Whether you want new data delivered instantaneously over cellular networks, or just incremental visibility as your shipments reach key waypoints, we'll work with you to determine the best way to instrument your freight in a cost-effective manner.

Regardless the route you choose, SENSETRA™ Control Tower provides a real-time window into each and every shipment, which allows you to take action on an at-risk shipment far before it reaches its final destination.

Leverage detailed analysis
to identify and eliminate recurring problems

With SENSETRA™ Shipment Forensics, you can take a deep dive into the data around any complete shipment, in order to accurately identify recurring problem areas in your supply chain.

We can accurately segment a shipment into distinct phases — such as on a truck, in a warehouse, on a tarmac, or in flight — based on the profile of the time-series data associated with a shipment.

This automatic segmentation provides the context to your environmental readings and alarms that allows you to reconstruct the situation your shipment was in when things went wrong, and then take targeted action to eliminate recurring issues.

Organizations large and small rely on our SENSETRA™ platform for many mission-critical solutions

Lane Oversight

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A dashboard of all your in-progress shipments updated in real time, a granular breakdown of each and every shipment, and the tools to aggregate data and uncover trends in performance — our full app suite combines to enable comprehensive oversight of your shipping lanes.

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Independent Tracking

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Gain an unparalleled stream of geolocation and environmental data, independent of carriers or 3PLs, right down to the last mile. Sidestep the hastle of browsing carrier websites and calling support hotlines — get the data you need directly to protect your assets and keep your customers satisfied.

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