CargoSense QuickShip App

Production Sensor Registration for Warehouses

QuickShip App
download and installation

Registering which sensor is on which shipment is one of the hardest things to do in a production logistics environment, but is critical to the use of IoT in logistics. The CargoSense QuickShip Scanner streamlines the sensor registration process with a purpose-built Android application that runs on a production barcode scanner, specifically the Zebra TC25 Barcode Scanner.

The QuickShip App allows the scanning of a Master Airway Bill and/or House Airway Bill and then one or more sensor serial numbers to create a shipment in the SENSETRA™ platform. These shipments are then viewable through the Control Tower.

The CargoSense QuickShip App can be downloaded using the link below directly on to a Zebra TC25 Barcode Scanner. In order to download the QuickShip App (.apk) onto your TC25, you must enable the Chrome App to install apps in the Settings.

Download QuickShip.apk

After downloading through Chrome, select to Open the .apk file and it will install and be available for use. For simple access, load the QuickShip App on to your TC25 home page/shortcuts.

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