SENSETRA™ Shipment Forensics

A granular breakdown of each and every shipment

Automatic segmentation
powered by machine learning

The SENSETRA™ Platform has seen thousands of shipments, generating millions of individual readings. We've used this data to build analysis models that can accurately segment a shipment into distinct phases — such as on a truck, in a warehouse, on a tarmac, or in flight — based on the profile of the data coming in.

This means we can produce detailed segmentation of any shipment from the IoT data alone, without any additional input from on-the-ground staff handling the shipment.

Our segmentation modeling combined with precision visualizations of environmental data allows you to not only pinpoint when a problem occured, but also the logistical context around that problem, so you can address it effectively.

Detailed visualizations
of data and alarms

We're not just another business intelligence 'dashboard generator' service — with BI platforms, even after you figure out how to get meaningful data in, you're left to describe your entire operational model to the platform and configure views before getting anything useful.

Our focus has been on creating a robust modeling layer targeted specifically for logistics, and a set of tools and visualizations to make your data accessible to anybody in your organization.

The result is a fully-integrated and seamless flow from the collection of data to visualizing supply chains, and that's Logistics Intelligence. Get results for your business immediately on the Sensetra™ platform.

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Lane Oversight

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A dashboard of all your in-progress shipments updated in real time, a granular breakdown of each and every shipment, and the tools to aggregate data and uncover trends in performance — our full app suite combines to enable comprehensive oversight of your shipping lanes.

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Product Integrity

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Achieve end-to-end visibility into the conditions your product experiences while in transit, in your warehouses, or out for delivery. Reduce waste from over-packaging or discarding product by gaining certainty into whether shipments have stayed within tolerances.

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