Powerful Oversight Through Keen Insight

From performance qualification to complete shipment segmentation, CargoSense provides the insights you need for logistics oversight. Learn more about how our sensor agnostic platform combined with our simple to use web based software reporting tools can deliver your operations the information it needs to improve the bottom line.

Temperature Oversight

We are logger agnostic. We can help you record, monitor, store, and visualize your temperature data from almost any data logger device within a single software reporting platform. Use our Data Drop service to store and append logger files with flight, customer, lane, alarms and more. Learn More

Logistics Oversight

To ensure quality, you must have proper oversight. This means having deep insights into the environment and events that occur within each segment of the journey. Map each piece of your supply chain (truck, plane, tarmac, train, etc.) to get a better understanding of how your cargo is handled using the power of artificial intelligence. Learn More

Lane Oversight

Data relating to your shipping process must be recorded and analyzed to ensure critical quality attributes can be guaranteed throughout normal logistics operations. This requires real world testing to determine consistency and accuracy against desired benchmarks. Obtain a CargoSense Lane Analysis to ensure your logistics operations are reliable. Learn More

Pet Oversight

Get real time location and temperature conditions of pets under your care. Using data from the disposable Maven Pet Tracker you are always in-the-know. Ensure you can step in at the right time and fix problems quickly. Learn More

Ensure climate control and product quality in your facilities with ​one of the most powerful cloud based analytics and data storage solutions available in the market today.

Be part of a global network of logistics beacons. Take your fleets to a new level of awareness by tapping into previously unavailable location-based detailed data.​


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