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Facing problems with climate sensitive shipments?

  • You need to reduce transportation costs.
  • You have regulatory pressure on you to know what's happening to your product while being transported.
  • You need to minimize your liability with stored data.

We can help.

We can help.

Our unique approach

For a low, per shipped-sensor fee, CargoSense's unique model removes the burden of sensor logistics and lets you focus on product logistics. Our sensors record exactly what your product experiences, including temperature, light, humidity, pressure, shock, and tilt. You can flexibly combine these values to form climate ranges for each product you ship including pharmaceuticals, biologics or medical devices.


We manage sensor logistics, providing you with sensors at your point of departure and reclaiming them from the consignee/receiver.

Using our iPad app, you manage the sensors, select the climate to maintain, and set up your shipments. The consignee uses the same app to receive the shipped sensors and transfer the recorded data to our cloud-based service.


Our cloud-based service validates that your shipment maintained the climate you selected. If an excursion is detected, we wirelessly notify you and all concerned parties immediately. You can then explore the data with our powerful analytic tools to reconstruct what happened during transport and see if and when your product was damaged.

Ship smart with CargoSense

Ship smart with CargoSense

We've got a mind for shipments.

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