Logistics Oversight

For Your Supply Chain

Advanced Sensor Data + Artificial Intelligence + Dynamic Visualizations

CargoSense Delivers Real-time Visibility to the Pet Shipping Market


Innovative Services Simply Delivered

Temperature Oversight

Store, visualize and report logger files in a central service.

Logistics Oversight

AI-powered visualizations of the detailed handling of your cargo.

Lane Oversight

Determine if a shipping processes across a lane performs as expected.

Pet Oversight

Real time location and temperatures of shipped pets under your care

Illuminate the Blind Spots

We provide your logistics personnel with a comprehensive visualization of each stage of your cargo’s journey.  From total time spent on an airport tarmac, to truck transport legs and warehouse stays, you will be empowered with the knowledge to improve your supply chain operations and eliminate issues at the source. CargoSense services are designed to illuminate the blind spots that exist in your logistics networks by leveraging environmental sensor data analyzed by our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Reduce product risk and increase customer satisfaction with CargoSense.

Independent of Hardware. By Design.

​CargoSense is hardware independent by design.  We have integrated the leading temperature loggers in the market today—so you don’t have to switch what you use.  This simple plug-n-play capability enables insights and alerts from multiple hardware device families in one single software platform.  This gives you the power of choice.

Ready to move up to the next level of visibility? The unique Toshiba Black Box sensor can go far beyond simple temperature recordings.  It can provide a detailed record of your shipment’s environmental conditions by recording temperature, humidity, shock, light, tilt, and pressure events.  Applying artificial intelligence algorithms to this sensor data allows you to visualize each piece of your supply chain (truck, plane, tarmac, train, etc.) for better insight on how cargo is handled.​

By combining advanced sensor data, artificial intelligence, and dynamic visualizations, CargoSense delivers the full picture about your cargo shipments—from the manufacturing floor to the customer door

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