Gain real-time visibility into your logistics — and uncover hidden costs and risk

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Not just Business Intelligence — it's
Logistics Intelligence
powered by IOT.

Product Integrity

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Achieve end-to-end visibility into the conditions your product experiences while in transit, in your warehouses, or out for delivery. Reduce waste from over-packaging or discarding product by gaining certainty into whether shipments have stayed within tolerances.

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Lane Oversight

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A dashboard of all your in-progress shipments updated in real time, a granular breakdown of each and every shipment, and the tools to aggregate data and uncover trends in performance — our full app suite combines to enable comprehensive oversight of your shipping lanes.

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Independent Tracking

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Gain an unparalleled stream of geolocation and environmental data, independent of carriers or 3PLs, right down to the last mile. Sidestep the hastle of browsing carrier websites and calling support hotlines — get the data you need directly to protect your assets and keep your customers satisfied.

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Organizations large and small rely on our SENSETRA™ platform for many mission-critical solutions

Our unique approach will
Illuminate your supply chain.

  1. Instrument your operations with minimal impact

    Sourcing accurate data from any logistics operation is a major challenge. We've become experts in producing the best possible data — with as little effort required as possible from your staff, and especially from third-parties.

    Our recommended approach centers on instrumenting freight using the latest developments in IoT: purpose-built single use sensors, and tag-and-gateway systems.

    Registering a shipment or monitored point typically involves scanning a QR code or barcode on a sensor, scanning a waybill, and affixing the sensor. That's it.

  2. Ingest data from any source

    While we have opinions on the best way to collect logistics data, our data layer is 100% device agnostic.

    Use our recommended hardware, or data feeds from your existing systems and hardware installations into our API, or a mix of the two — it's all the same to us. We'll work with you to tailor an instrumentation process for your organization that effectively produces the data you need.

  3. Leverage our logistics modeling on the Sensetra™ platform

    We're not just another business intelligence 'dashboard generator' service — with BI platforms, even after you figure out how to get meaningful data in, you're left to describe your entire operational model to the platform and configure views before getting anything useful.

    Our focus has been on building a robust modeling layer targeted specifically for logistics, and a set of tools and visualizations to make your data useful and accessible to anybody in your organization.

    The result is a fully-integrated and seamless flow from the collection of data to visualizing supply chains, and that's Logistics Intelligence. Get results for your business immediately on the Sensetra™ platform.

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