About CargoSense

Founded in 2012, CargoSense has team members across the U.S. and abroad. CargoSense connects global supply chains with real-time visibility, helping our customers work efficiently with their customers.

Our Story


CargoSense founded.


CargoSense secures initial customers in pharma industy and inital seed investment.


CargoSense works with Toshiba to develop next generation data logger that includes temperature, humidity, pressure, light, shock and tilt.


CargoSense develops advanced machine learning system to extract logistics timelines from logged environmental data for Root Cause Analysis.


CargoSense works with major airline on real time monitoring of domestic pet shipment environmental data.


CargoSense launches real-time Control Tower solution for Logistics Intelligence and extends seed round with existing investors.


CargoSense secures white label licenses from three public companies for its Logistics Intelligence solution.

CargoSense's talent

The Team

Rich Kilmer

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Newman

Chief Strategy Officer

Rhett Hunter

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Ekwall

SVP, Sales and Operations

Chris Schetter

VP, Product

Amy Richard

VP, User Experience and Design

Lynn Wallenstein

SVP, Engineering